Intentional Futures

Intentional Futures

Intentional Futures: Learning to Learn is a 5 year Title III grant awarded to UNCG by the US Department of Education in 2012. The overarching purpose of Intentional Futures is to enhance UNCG students’ ability and propensity to take a more active, informed and purposeful role in directing their learning in college and beyond. With funding from the grant, the Teaching Innovations Office organizes a professional development learning community each academic year to support faculty and staff interested in further developing their advising, mentoring and teaching practices to promote independent, intentional and purposeful learners

Goals and Outcomes for the Intentional Futures PLC

  • Examine theoretically grounded and research based principles and approaches to academic advising, mentoring and teaching that promote intentionality and self-directed learning
  • Explore and report on the potential value of multi-media / digital communication (e.g. electronic portfolios) as an effective tool for developing and documenting students’ growth as self-reflective and self-directed learners.
  • Develop ideas and recommendations for an ongoing Professional Development Workshop Series on mentoring and academic advising at UNCG
  • Develop course and academic advising redesign projects that apply theoretically grounded and research based principles to advising, mentoring an teaching at UNCG
  • Design research projects to explore aspects of how college students develop intentionality and self-direction
  • Develop recommendations and plans for a “Research Expo” where UNCG faculty and staff can present the findings of research

Workshop and Planning Session

On July 21 and 22, 2014 the Intentional Futures PLC participated in a workshop led by Dr. Eric White, a nationally recognized authority on academic advising, past president of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) and Associate Dean for Advising (emeritus) and Affiliate Assistant Professor of Education at Pennsylvania State University. While at Penn State, Dr. White led important and successful efforts to enhance the institutional profile of academic advising, instituted ongoing professional development for advisers and fostered a vibrant culture of ongoing academic research and publication on advising related topics.

List of Intentional Futures PLC Participants

Patricia Fairfield-Artman, Communication Studies
Michael Flannery, Theater
Christine Flood, Ashby Residential College
Peggy Hewitt, School of Nursing
Stephanie Kurtts, Specialized Educational Services
Roberta Maxwell, Biology
Jennifer Reich, Art and College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center
Dana Saunders, Students’ First Office
Dale Schunk, Teacher Education and High Education
Carol Seaman, Mathematics and Statistics
Stephen Sills, Sociology
Philip Simpson, School of Nursing Advising Center
John Sopper, Faculty Teaching and Learning Commons
Larry Taube, Information Systems and Supply Chain Management
Aaron Terranova, Kinesiology
Jalonda Thompso, Students’ First Office
Julie Voorhees, Undergraduate Studies / Title III Coordinator